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I'd NEVER Let My Hubby Cum on my Face!

I'd NEVER Let My Hubby Cum on my Face!

I thought today we’d have a look at a different side of amatuer facials- hot slutty babes covered in cum launched from the huge male stripper cocks of the Dancing Bear Male Review! You may not have seen this kind of porn yet- the dancing bear porn, but once you do you’ll know what you’ve been missing my friends! Most of the homemade/amateur kind of porn out there is some self-shot stuff done with cell phones and cameras and yeah, the chicks are hot enough and they’re definitely not pornstars. BUT- dancing bear cumshots are totally different- these real life cum swapping and cum swallowing women are not pornstars and they could well be your wife or girlfriend just out for a night of drinks and partying with the girls. But all hell breaks loose when the cum-spurting cocks of the Dancing Bear Boys show up to kick the party up to a whole new level! Take a look at these hotties with cum splattered all over their jizzy faces- you are gonna love it!

Oh GOD I Want That Cock In My MOUTH!!!

Oh GOD I Want That Cock In My MOUTH!!!

I fucking told you that you had to see the amatuer facial action found ONLY at the Dancing Bear shows, didn’t I? It’s definitely not homemade porn- the videos are shot in full HD, new episodes are added weekly and the girls are true amateurs, not a bunch of staged bullshit and not some grainy home video of a trailer park bitch with a hairy pussy who couldn’t even suck a drink though a straw! Here’s one more cum covered slut and then I’m out- there’s a new video going up and I gotta be the first to see it!

Oops! Some of Your CUM Got on My Titties!!

Oops! Some of Your CUM Got on My Titties!!

amatuer cumshots and facials from the dancing bear

Amatuer Cocksucker Gets a Cum Facial

Lemme Get You A Towel To Clean Up That Cum!

Lemme Get You A Towel To Clean Up That Cum!

If you came in looking for hot amatuer babes covered in sticky cum facials, you are DEFINITELY in the right place! I mean, look into the eyes of this beautiful cocksucker and tell me she doesn’t absolutely fucking LOVE having her pretty face plastered with huge loads of hot salty jizz! Girls like this don’t “cum” around every day, so we have up all the pics and videos we can find of hot amatuer facials covering pretty mugs like this brunette hottie and collect them all for you at JizzOnMyGF- the only site you need for homemade videos of messy girlfriend facials, snowballing jizz and cum swapping, even cum swallowing and sticky amatuer creampies. You GOTTA check it out NOW- you will not regret it!

pictures of hot babes covered in sticky amatuer facials

Cum Covered Blond Amatuer GF

Blond Amatuer Swallowing Cum after a Facial

This is a pretty sweet little screenshot, guys. You can tell just by looking at this blond amatuer GF she just got the holy living shit fucked out of her, the way her hair is all messed up and sweaty. If you watch the whole homemade video, you would see what happens right before this picture- her sick-minded BF standing over her and jacking off a HUGE nut all over her cute face! And seriously, this blond teen slut loves cum so much she begs him to rub his dick all over her face scraping ALL the jizz into her mouth before she swallows it up in one big gulp!

Amauter Chicks Snowballing Cummy Facials

picture of hot teen amatuer babes getting facials and snowballing cum

Now how can not just LOVE shit like this? These cum loving teen sluts are seriously in need of a hot load of swimmers to snowball and they figure since there’s three of them, why not get a couple nice cocks to suck on? After some hot amatuer double-header peter puffing and sweet teen pussy pounding, our three little cocksluts lay down and they boys take over, furiously pulling their puds and plastering these cute teens with amatuer facials! But that ain’t the best part- you GOTTA see the homemade video these dudes made where these teen cum sluts start licking the boys’ loads off each other and snowballing jizz from both dudes back and forth then arguing about who gets to swallow!

Cum Plastered Brunette Teen Cutie

pictures of amatuer facials on teen suties

Now here is a cute little teen slut we ALL wish we woulda known in high school… I mean, take a look at those fucking earrings. That is, if you can take your eyes off of that hot load of jizz plastered all over her face and that open mouth begging for a drop of salty cum…. But anyway, you can just tell this is one hot teen cum slut with a taste for salty spuzz and a desire to do whatever it takes for a mouthful. Even if she needs to have some dude yank his crank all over her face, make a video and post it up on the internet! I love shit like these messy amatuer facials and I KNOW you will too!

Splooge Splattered Sluts Slurping Spuzz and SnowBalling Semen

pictures of cumswapping babes getting amateur facials

SometimeS, aS an adult blogmaSter, I just GOTTA give mySelf propS- and thiS here poSt title iS one of thoSe timeS…. Tell me you just HAD to click it to See what the fuck I am talking about!! Once you got here, I fucking KNOW you liked what you Saw- becauSe that pair of Spuzz Slurping SlutS all Splattered with Spooge and Slurping Sticky Semen to Snowball iS a goddamn Sight to inSpire a Stroke to if ever I have Seen one. And if thiS here amatuer facialS picture ain’t enough, click the Sticky Sperm Shot, take the tour and buy your paSS to the meSSy homemade Snowballing SlutS video to check out theSe amatuer SlutS Swapping SauSage Sauce- you won’t be Sorry. Well, actually you WILL be Sorry but ONLY becauSe the purple headed yogurt Slinger reSponSible for that pud plaStering doesn’t live in YOUR pantS!


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